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Trashbag Rubbish Bags are made using post-consumer recycled plastic

About Trashbag bin liners

All of our bin liners are made from recycled post-consumer plastic content, rescuing waste from landfill.

Trashbag products are REALLY made from recycled waste!

At Trashbag, we are passionate about ensuring our products are really making a difference by repurposing waste materials to create recycled plastic bin liners. Our products are made from Post-Consumer waste, not from Pre-Consumer materials. Read more about the difference below.

You will find that many companies 'green wash' their marketing by saying their products are made from recycled material, when in fact they are made from pre-consumer materials. We don't think this is right - so if you want to support a product that is really making a difference by rescuing waste and turning it into a real recycled product, buy a Trashbag today!

What is ‘Post-consumer’ waste?

Post-consumer waste is when the plastic has been out into the world and used as something else, a singlet bag, a carton liner , stretch wrap etc etc. It has then been collected and taken to our specialised repurposing plant where it is shredded, washed, dried and then repalletized. These pallets are then sent next door to the processing factory and made into rubbish bags. This is true recycling and as “eco” sensible as you will find in this space.

‘Pre-consumer’ waste is…

…simply when a plastic bag is made from waste during manufacturing. A film is blown in the factory and cut into the required shape, the off cuts fall to the factory floor and are simply swept up and put back through the extruders. This is standard practice and done at every factory on the planet. It is easy to do as the plastic is clean and dry as it has not been out into the world and done anything, there are no contaminates and no effort required in collecting the off cuts. As the off cuts have never actually been used for anything then using them to make a product is not RECYCLING it is simply USING. Every polyethylene rubbish bag in use will almost certainly contain a certain percentage of pre consumer waste.

Recycled plastic content

The percentage of post-consumer plastic used in each bag will vary depending on the thickness and size of the bag. The percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic used can be anywhere from 30 - 80% in each plastic bag.

Rescuing plastic waste to repurpose as plastic bags

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Trashbag Rubbish Bags

Are made using post-
consumer recycled plastic


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